Australia ToDo List

So if you have read my last post you will know that this is my first time going on a Solo Travel trip. Where I will learn the ups and down that come with traveling by yourself and here I am sharing it with you.

So first before you even pack, you need to create a to-do list because there is a lot to do before you embark on an adventure, whether that is for a week trip or for a couple of years.

  1. Visa
    • There is a lot of different types of Visa, One thing to pay attention to is that every visa has fine print. Some you can work on some you can’t, some are for American’s some aren’t. It is vital that you do your research and really plan what you want. It is better to be over prepared rather than under when it comes to the visa paperwork.
    • I particularly got the visa subclass 462. Working holiday for a year. It cost close to $400 dollars which are costly but so are most visas. I was able to do it all online and besides having to hunt down some passport photos of myself it was really easy. It will take about 30 minutes at most unless you have to hunt down some paperwork. It also only took about 5 minutes for them to accept me.
      • That being said, I have never had any prior problems with the government or police. I haven’t even gotten a parking ticket so it may not go as fast for you. But Australia seems pretty cool so I think they will accept most.
  2. Open up a Bank Account
    • If you are getting a working visa or a holiday/ working visa it is best to open a bank account because this will be the easiest way for them to pay you directly.
    • I have also read that this will help save on ATM charges. Especially in Australia, however, most banks there seem to want a deposit every month and I’m not planning on working for the first couple of months so I will have to see how this goes.
      • I have narrowed it down to two banks Commonwealth and Westpac, both seem to be used to foreigners opening up bank accounts with them.
      • They also both do online accounts so that also makes it easier
  3. Paying Off Any Bills You Have
    • Let’s face it the last thing you want to deal with while traveling is any bills. So try to pay off any and all that you can.
    • So I am 23 recently graduated from college and have about $30,000 in debt. There is no way I will be able to pay that off, so instead because I do plan on working I applied for an Income base student loan plan. That way when I work if I work, I will be able to take care of some of my bills. But at the same time, most of my money will still be going towards traveling.
    • If you have any car insurance, health insurance, or anything like that try to pay it off for the year that way you don’t have to worry about it once you have come back.
  4. Travel Insurance
    • Now I’m taking a risky move and not getting any for Australia. They do have universal health care over there and what my sister has told me is that I am pretty much covered. If I do decide to go/ when I go travel through Southeast Asia and up through China and all of that I will then buy it, for now, I will play it by ear.
  5. Birth Control
    • Whether you are a boy or girl it is always best to have protection/ be protected.  Condom, condom, condoms. No matter what bring/ use condoms. Everybody is traveling and is free spirited and what happen on the road doesn’t always mean it will stay on the road. So no matter what gender you are, what sexuality you are, Condoms are important.
    • As a girl, you do have an option of birth control. Now I personally have an implant in my arm but I know not everybody can get a hold of this. However, what I have read about in Australia it is affordable and an option that will last up to three years. But beware when I first got this in my arm, everything was normal, a year-end my hormones went crazy and I did for a little while, but now I’m back to normal. They also have a lot of other options to make sure that you are more than protected. This is up to you, but I highly suggest it even if you aren’t planning on having sex it is a better way to control your period so that you don’t get any unwanted surprises at inopportune moments.
  6.  Giving Your Job Notice
    • If you even remotely like your job I would recommend giving them a good amount of notice. I personally gave my job a one months notice. The reason for it was they hate higher new people, but it worked out in the end because they did promise me a job if I “ever came back to the states” as they put it. Now I’m not saying that I will once again work there, but I like having my options open.
    • Another reason I gave them more than enough time is for references. I was a hard worker at my job, built up a lot of accreditation with them so I did not feel bad for asking for reference letters, this will not only help me with Job’s while I travel but one day for future use when I want to start my career.
  7. Resume
    • Make sure your resume is up to date, you don’t have to have printed out copy’s but I did put my one Linkedin and saved it on my Google Drive. This way when I want/ need to look for a job it is right at the end of my fingertips.
  8. Google Drive
    • So it is vital that why you travel you are able to always have important documents and copies of those important documents in case you lose them. With technology that only got a whole lot easier.  Take scans of any of your documents, passport, visa (If it isn’t already electronic copy), drivers license, passport picture, health insurance cards, travel insurance cards, and anything else you can think about.It is important to keep track of all of this because if your bag gets stolen it is a lot easier to get new hard copies back.
    • Why I like Google drive is because it has a lot of memory and I can reach it anywhere that has internet.
  9. A Going Away Party
    • You are about to embark on a great adventure make sure to celebrate it with your friends and family. It may be awhile until you see them again.

These are just a few of the many things you need to look into before you pack.


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